Virtual opening for the Degree Show 2017

The countdown is running. With eleven days left to the Degree Show 2017, we are launching the web catalogue today, featuring the works of all participating students with text and images. Welcome to a virtual opening!

As of today, May 15, all degree projects are described at The students are degree students from the Bachelor’s programmes in Ceramic Art, Metal Art, Wood Oriented Furniture Design, Jewellery Art, Textile Art and Textile-Body-Space as well as from the Master’s Programme in Crafts and Applied Art & Design. 

This is a small selection of the 54 students who exhibits at Fixfabriken, starting on May 26:

Johanna Dolly Aronsson, The Journey, Textile Art, BA:
“Usually when one thinks about baggage one thinks about a bag, a backpack or something that the one that is traveling can keep his/her belongings in. Rarely is one thinking that baggage also can be something we carry with us inside, our past.
Stories of traveling, which journeys do we do during a lifetime and of which different reasons are we doing them, the baggage we carry with us, our history. What do the person you always see on the bus to work to tell? Which journey does your neighbour have behind him/her?“

Rikard Ahlin, Dream(e)scape, Metal Art, BA:
“In music I perceive atmospheres. Tones compiled into a composition create a story that is not clearly definable. It is an abstract, subjectively perceived story, personally interpreted by every person listening to it. I have used music as a starting point, and through a work process, I tried to interpret the music into an atmosphere that can be experienced physically. From music, through sketches on paper, and further into physical material, a hanging form emerged, which you can experience visually. Perhaps the expression does not represent the music, but it carries traces from its origins.”

Amalia Bille, Blodsband, Crafts, master:
” Family, lineage, origin, dynasty, clan, relatives, kinsmen, affiliates, kindred. All of us are a links in the chain that we belong to by bloodline. This is a beautiful word with a dark ring to it. My work evolves around the ambiguous, portraying the double-edged of the being or that which in various ways exists on the borderline between different states. Longing is such a feeling. The line between child and grownup, woman and man, solid and fragile. In-between-modes. To find the very focal point. The family tree holds family histories coloured by love, blood, tears and dreams. In these stories, I have found my material.”

Sophie Hardy, Object of Value, Wood Oriented Furniture Design, BA:
”The ability to communicate through objects is fundamental to my role as a designer.  In this exam project I have chosen a starting point that I am sympathetic towards and inspired by, the region of Siljan in Dalarna. Through an analysis and collaboration with the companies and crafts in this area, I have formulated and interpreted the values ‘time’, ‘locality’, ‘unity’ and ‘sustainability’ to communicate through a collection of objects. The emphasis in this project not only lies in an investigation and exercise into how I can communicate values through form, but also why it is important to do so.”

Other degree projects will be presented in November, within the framework of HDK's new venture OPEN WEEK – Gothenburg Design Festival.

Fixfabriken, Lantvärnsgatan 4, Gothenburg (tram stop: Vagnhallen Majorna)

May 26 at 17:00. Opening ceremony at 17.30 by Ulf Dalnäs, Head of HDK.

May 26 – June 4
Mon: 12:00 – 18:00
Tue: 12:00 – 20:00
Wed-Fri: 12:00 – 18:00
Sat-Sun: 10:00 – 17:00

In conjunction with the Degree Show 2017 we invite you to lectures and a display of the exhibition on May 31, 17.00-21.00 at, Fixfabriken, Lantvärnsgatan 4 (tram stop Vagnhallen Majorna).
Sign up for your participation to Charlotta Eidenskog: by 25 May.

All projects are presented with text and image at the web catalogue

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Contact information to students can be found on the specific student's project page, under Exhibiting students.

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