S-RACE – for fastest sublimation

Felix Schoeller’s new sublimation paper

Osnabrück, 12 May 2015

Felix Schoeller, a division of the Osnabrück-based Felix Schoeller Group, is expanding its product portfolio to include sublimation papers. This represents a move into a new product segment for the specialty paper manufacturer, which has extensive development, product and technology expertise – including in papers for inkjet and electrophotographic imaging processes.

Sublimation papers are used in transfer printing images in applications such as clothing, household articles, display and technology. The first step of the process involves using inkjet technology to print the images onto the sublimation papers. In a second stage, they are then heat transferred onto clothing, sportswear, flags, advertising or decorative articles (such as mugs or mouse pads), for example. To date, papers with swellable ink-receiving coatings were used but as processing turnaround times become increasingly faster the drying times these papers require are becoming a limiting factor.

S-RACE, Felix Schoeller’s new sublimation paper, uses a microporous ink-receiving coating to offer significantly shorter drying times. Unlike many other papers that are already on the market, this coating has an innovative and unique composition that gives the paper far greater air permeability. This makes it ideal for sublimation printing, not only onto textiles but also onto hard plastic-coated substrates such as metal, glass or wood.

These papers are also able to absorb water far more quickly, which means they can be used on the latest and fastest sublimation printers without a problem and without the need for an additional drying unit. This special kind of coating can also significantly shorten the sublimation process. The transferred images or information also has very sharp detail and line definition.

“With our S-RACE sublimation papers, we are developing an entirely new product segment for the Felix Schoeller Group. The new segment is an excellent fit for our expertise and competencies and we are delighted to be able to offer the market such high-performance products,” said Guido Hofmeyer, Executive Vice President of the Felix Schoeller Group and Chief Operating Officer of the Felix Schoeller Division.

Felix Schoeller’s new S-RACE product portfolio will initially be available in three different basis weights: 75, 100 und 130 g/m². As well as plotter rolls, larger diameter rolls are also available on request.

Background information on the Felix Schoeller Group

Founded in 1895, the Felix Schoeller Group is a family business with worldwide operations producing specialty papers. With around 2,340 employees, the renowned Osnabrück-based company produced and marketed almost 310,000 tonnes of specialty papers in 2014 and posted a total turnover of appr. 720 million euros. The Felix Schoeller Group develops, produces and markets specialty papers for photographic applications, digital printing systems, the packaging market, self-adhesive applications and for the furniture, wood-based products and wallpaper industry.

In addition to its Osnabrück main site and headquarters, the Felix Schoeller Group has four other production facilities in Germany - in Weissenborn and Penig in Saxony, in Titisee-Neustadt (Baden-Württemberg) and in Günzach (Bavaria). It also has production facilities in the USA and Canada and is involved in a joint venture in the Russian Federation. It has sales & service centres in Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Moscow and Prague.

The Felix Schoeller Group exemplifies uncompromising quality, unique flexibility and true partnership. The result: Best Performing Papers. Worldwide. Since July 2013 the Felix Schoeller Group has been the official premium paper partner of the German Olympic team.

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