CEO Staffan Bohman increases his holdings in Gränges

CEO Staffan Bohman increases his holdings in Gränges Staffan Bohman, CEO of Gränges, has increased his holdings in Gränges with 20,000 shares. After this transaction, Staffan Bohman has the following holdings in Gränges; - 40,000 shares - Convertibles representing 5,000 shares - 100,000 options For further information please contact Cecilia Lager, IR & Communication, tel +46 8 459 59 41. Gränges is an international industrial group focused on value-added products based on the light-weight materials aluminium and plastics. The products range from extrusions, heat transfer material to components and systems in plastics to the transport industry. The group is one of Europe leading companies within its field serving the customer segments engineering, telecom, transportation and construction. Gränges is quoted on the OM Stockholm Exchange "A-list". Visit Gränges web site on the Internet: ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: