Gränges develops technique to recycle aluminium in beverage packaging

Gränges develops technique to recycle aluminium in beverage packaging Gränges has entered into an agreement with Corenso to develop a new technique to recycle the aluminium content in beverage carton packaging. Corenso, which is owned 71% by Stora Enso, is specialised in recycling of cartons and will invest in a new type of gasification plant in Finland designed to recover aluminium and generate energy from used packaging materials. Break-through in recycling of beverage packaging Gränges will, together with Corenso, develop a new technique to separate the aluminium content from other beverage packaging layers like carton and plastics. The new Corenso-plant will recover over 2 000 tonnes of aluminium annually. The aluminium will then be recycled in Gränges remelting plant in Finspång, Sweden and re-rolled into thin aluminium foil. Complete recycling of the aluminium content of beverage packaging will greatly reduce the amount of waste going to landfill sites. This process will initially be used for recycling of beverage cartons coming from the German market. The cartons will be shipped from Germany to Finland and the separation will take place in Corenso's plant in Finland. For further information please contact Cecilia Lager, Investor Relations & Communication, tel +46 8 459 5941. Gränges is an international industrial group focused on value-added products based on aluminium and plastics. The products range from extrusions, heat transfer material and foil to components and systems in plastics to the transport industry. The group is one of Europe leading companies within its field with customers in the transport, engineering, construction and packaging industries. Gränges is quoted on the OM Stockholm Exchange "O-list". Visit Gränges web site on the Internet: ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: