Setting the 5 tonnes note – Atlas Copco’s new Minetruck and “The Crushing Crescendo"

The new Minetruck MT65 carries 5 tonnes more than its predecessor Minetruck MT6020. With the new Minetruck MT65 Atlas Copco want to emphasize that 5 tonnes makes a significant difference when it comes to maximize loading capacity. To find out, Atlas Copco set up a crash-test that literally gets to the bottom of the 5 tonnes impact.

“The Crushing Crescendo”, is a one of a kind performance set in a restricted closed-off quarry and carried out to the exclusively composed tunes by well-known composer Christoffer Berg.

A Minetruck with 65 tonnes capacity has never before taken a 5 tonnes rock and dropped it off a cliff onto an auto played orchestra”, says Hanna Knutsson, Global Communication and Brand Manager

The campaign is a worldwide launch. Atlas Copco revealed it’s new and highly improved Minetruck MT65, at the quadrennial MINExpo which took place on September 26-28 in Las Vegas, USA.

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