About Us

GreenAcres Woodland Burials (formerly Woodland Burial Parks Group) has been instrumental in the UK development of a unique, meaningful and award-winning concept that has revolutionised the funeral industry. With just 5 parks in 1999 calling themselves woodland or natural to 255 in 2009, several contributory factors have witnessed the rise of the woodland or natural burial concept in the UK; •a nationwide shortage of burial space in traditional cemeteries•a move towards increasingly personalised funerals•consumer demand for greater choice•increased environmental awareness ( concerns about cremation emissions and the use of non-bi-degradable materials GreenAcres Woodland Burials are unique and stunningly beautiful places where burials and ash interments take place within a mature woodland landscape, and every need of the bereaved is anticipated and provided for. The woodland of the parks is treated with the upmost respect and the woodland teams actively encourage the landscape to naturally flourish and develop. The parks are a haven of wild life and plant growth and the spread of biodiversity is also encouraged. But most importantly, customer service is paramount. The highly professional team is trained to the highest standard in order to provide the exemplary levels of customer service that the business has become renowned for. Uniquely all GreenAcres woodland sites are open and fully staffed 365 days a year providing a totally personal funeral experience Community involvement is a large part of the GreenAcres Woodland Burials ethos and the company has been publicly praised for both its local charity fund raising as well as supporting local groups in a more practical way such as offering the use of its beautiful ceremonial buildings to local groups for free. Compared to the operators of other cemeteries – including natural and green burial grounds – GreenAcres Woodland Burials stand out in terms of the quality of the on-site facilities and the service provided. The intention is to become the UK’s leading natural burial provider, operating in tune with the environment, public opinion and sound ethical principles.