EREN Renewable Energy Choose Breeze & Bright for Wind and Solar PV Energy Management

France-based EREN Renewable Energy has chosen the Breeze and Bright systems for management of its wind farms and solar PV sites worldwide. This marks the first French solar plant owner to be installed in Bright. 

EREN Renewable Energy has more than 450 MW of renewable energy assets in operation or under construction and a portfolio of projects under development that exceeds 1500 MW. This makes EREN Renewable Energy one of Europe’s most expansive companies in renewable energy.

EREN Renewable Energy is managing a multi-continental portfolio of renewable assets. The company believes in a strong local presence and long-term partnerships to maximize the potential of its project portfolio.

“We found Breeze & Bright’s track record, seamless integration, individual capabilities and ease of use to be the deciding factors when we evaluated di erent software systems. The possibility to manage all of our renewable energy assets in a uni ed manner will lead to new insights and at the same time help us to focus on what’s most important.”, says Anne-Laure Messier, Senior Asset Manager at EREN Renewable Energy.

“We are very much looking forward to work together with EREN Renewable Energy. They are a dynamic company and highly knowledgeable in renewable energy operation and asset management. EREN Renewable Energy’s expertise and global expansion is both exciting and valuable to us. Throughout the process, it has become very clear that EREN Renewable Energy and ourselves believe in the strength of long-term partnerships, which will make for a successful collaboration.”, says Elias Bernerskog, Director of Sales at Breeze & Bright.


About EREN Renewable Energy

EREN Renewables Energy’s objective is to make reliable and competitive technologies available in order to utilize natural resources more e ciently. The company’s activities in the energy sector are founded on the conviction that the answer to today and tomorrow’s energy challenges lies in an optimized management of resources, as well as in the promotion of alternative energy consumption and generation methods.

As well as being an independent power producer from renewable sources in several countries, EREN Renewable Energy invests in innovative solutions to save energy. 


About Breeze and Bright

Breeze and Bright are modern software services built to assist owners and operators of wind and solar in capturing 
the true potential of their assets. Wind farms and solar plants are remotely connected regardless of model or brand, resulting in a single system to monitor, analyze and optimize industry-scale wind and solar energy portfolios. Greenbyte AB of Goth enburg Sweden is the holding company behind Breeze and Bright.


About Us

Greenbyte makes the industry leading independent renewable energy management system Energy Cloud – used globally by wind and solar PV owners, operators and asset managers to capture the full potential of renewable energy projects. Power plants are remotely connected to Greenbyte’s platform via on-site SCADA systems – resulting in a single powerful tool to monitor, analyze, plan and control diverse renewable energy portfolios of any size. Currently 14 GW of renewable energy across 5 continents and 30 countries are monitored in Greenbyte’s software.




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