About Us

GBI is a leading service provider that owns and operates a major subsea cables system with a carrier neutral global network connecting the world to the Middle East. The GBI network connects the Middle East to Singapore towards the East and Egypt on the West, using two alternative terrestrial routes to protect traffic, crossing the Mediterranean to Italy into major European cities. Ensuring diversity by establishing its North Route, a new link from the Gulf to Europe via Iraq and Turkey added an ultra-low latency link from the GCC straight to the heart of Europe. GBI is one of the major carriers for telecom operators, ISPs and governments throughout the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa offering capacity on the first ever network built with redundancy configurations in the Gulf region ensuring customer connectivity at all times. GBI is the only service provider in the Middle East with a fully integrated network that wholly owns terrestrial and subsea cable systems. GBI is a key catalyst for economies that transforms and creates opportunities through high-speed connectivity. GBI has initiated the innovative idea to establish and build the critical infrastructure that contributes for the transformation towards a knowledge-based economy. GBI’s network has provided the connectivity and the capacity that helped change the dynamics of the telecommunications market in the Middle East. Recently GBI was awarded Best Network Infrastructure at The Telecoms World Awards 2014.