Gunnebo AB joins the Clean Shipping Project

Gunnebo security group has become a formal member of the Clean Shipping Project. The Clean Shipping project consists apart from Gunnebo of twelve of Sweden’s biggest importers and exporters that all are interested in more sustainable shipping.

Shipping has the potential to be a transport form with low environmental impact. However, due to its international nature, the shipping industry has not been subjected to the same environmental demands that have been placed on land-based transport systems and activities. The shipping industry currently operates under the weight of large and growing environmental problems which it is time to solve. One way to encourage the shipping industry to adopt a more environmentally adjusted direction is through the major customers (exporters and importers) placing demands or requests on their shipping suppliers.

The Clean Shipping Project has developed a completely new environmental index – the Clean Shipping Index – that may be used during procurement to evaluate the environmental performance of shipping operators. The index addresses 20 factors that can affect the environment, including marine fuel, lubricants, bilge water, ballast water, antifouling paint, refrigerants and waste. This is the first time an environmental index has been developed to evaluate shipping companies as a whole and the involved companies are using the reported environmental data as one part in the procurement criteria.

“Transports are critical to Gunnebo and have a significant impact on our overall environmental foot print. It is now natural for us to increase our common environmental focus to our transports. The Clean Shipping Index is an effective tool for us to drive and implement common criteria for selecting sea transport providers”, says Rolf Kjällgren SVP Group Quality, Environment, Logistics and Purchasing.

The Clean Shipping Project is driven by public authorities in western Sweden; Göteborg Region Association of Local Authorities, the Region of Västra Götaland, Västra Götaland County Administration and Business Region Göteborg. The project is also financed by the EU Structural Fund “Objective 2”. It is a non-profit project with the goal of cleaner shipping and sustainable growth. Formal members of the network are: ABB, AstraZeneca, Ericsson, H&M, Preem petroleum, Skanska Sweden, Skf, Stora Enso Logistics, Tetra Laval, Vattenfall, Vin & Sprit ,Volvo logistics. More information about Clean Shipping Project can be found at

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