Gunnebo’s capital market day in Stockholm

A total of some fifty plus analysts, fund managers and journalists accepted Gunnebo’s invitation to attend today’s capital market day in Stockholm. A detailed presentation of Gunnebo’s Gunnebo One Company integration project was followed by a visit to the Kronoberg district, on Kungsholmen, which is home to the National Police Board, the Swedish Security Service, the Crime Squad and the Kronoberg Prison, as well as the Stockholm Police Board. Gunnebo has delivered indoor and outdoor site protection products and systems for the entire district.

Among those participating in the conference were Jay Wright, Country Manager for Gunnebo England/Ireland and Robert Hall, head of the Secure Storage Competence Centre, who each gave an account of the results so far achieved in their respective areas of responsibility along with the improvement potential for 2007 (all presentations will be available on Gunnebo’s website – - as of 15 November.

At the Capital Market Day Gunnebo announced that it intends to close a factory in Spain whose production includes safes, vaults and vault doors. The plant, which is located in Granollers on the outskirts of Barcelona, has around 60 employees. Some of the production will be transferred to Gunnebo’s facility in Jakarta, Indonesia, and some to the factory in Bazancourt, France.

“In 2006 we have been busy implementing very far-reaching changes within the framework of the Gunnebo One Company integration project, commented Göran Gezelius, Gunnebo’s President and CEO. “The primary object of the project is to boost our organic growth and improve our profitability. The project will be completed – except for a slight delay in France – by the end of the year. I am very encouraged that we have been able to maintain our level of sales during this turbulent year.”

“I am optimistic for next year as I have the impression that the underlying security market is still expanding, both in Europe and on our other main markets in Asia, Canada and South Africa, as well as on several agency markets."

“We now have the greater part of the change process behind us, and will move into 2007 with an effectively functioning organisation, and motivated personnel. We can now offer our customers in banking, retailing and customers in need of high security site protection the effective security systems they need,” he concluded.

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