Gunnebo signs SafePay agreement with Bauhaus Sweden

International security company Gunnebo, through its wholly owned subsidiary Rosengrens, has signed a framework supply agreement with Bauhaus in Sweden for its SafePay totally closed and secure cash handling system. Bauhaus currently has eleven DIY superstores in Sweden with some 150 check-out points.

The agreement covers all components of the SafePay system, including note and coin units, Intelligent Deposit Units (including colouring cartridges) and Cash Transfer Units integrated into a burglar-resistant safe. This ensures that the SafePay system is a entirely closed and secure system for secure and fast cash handling. “Improved security in combination with effective cash flows are key features that led Bauhaus to choose Gunnebo as its supplier,” says Torbjörn Browall, head of the Gunnebo Physical Security division, and Executive Vice President at Gunnebo AB. “We also have hopes that the entire Bauhaus group will eventually install SafePay.” “The ability to offer our personnel greater security at work is of particular importance to us. The totally closed SafePay system makes it impossible to get hold of the cash and this radically reduces the risk of attempts at robbery. The fact that SafePay also provides efficient cash handling is an added bonus,” comments Johan Åberg, CEO, Bauhaus Sweden. GUNNEBO A B (publ) Information For further information please contact: Johan Åberg, CEO Bauhaus Sweden. +46 8 580 220 00, +46 70 245 29 77 (mobile), or Torbjörn Browall, head of Gunnebo Physical Security and Executive Vice President Gunnebo AB. +46 31 749 90 50, +46 705 92 56 04 (mobile), or Janerik Dimming, SvP Group Communications Gunnebo AB, +46 31 83 68 03, +46 705 83 68 03 (mobile), or e-mail:

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