Gunnebo upgrades security at Swedish nuclear technology facilities for more than MSEK 8

Gunnebo security group has delivered and installed security solutions for the nuclear power station at Oskarshamn (OKG AB, Simpevarp) and the nuclear technology facilities at Studsvik (Studsvik Nuclear AB) through its subsidiary Gunnebo Nordic AB.

The latest ordinance published by the Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate (SKI), which contains regulations for the physical protection of nuclear technology facilities (SKIFS 2005:1), came into effect on 1 January 2007.

The ordinance prescribes what measures nuclear power stations should take to prevent unauthorised penetration and sabotage that could result in radioactive incidents.
Gunnebo Nordic has developed solutions for upgrading security around the nuclear technology installations. Perimeter protection, alarms and surveillance systems have been installed to provide comprehensive site protection.

As part of one of the sub-projects at OKG, Gunnebo has delivered three high security Defence HSD90 barriers, ground and microwave alarms, and CCTV surveillance systems. The installation began in 2006 and will be completed in February 2007.
At Studsvik Gunnebo has installed some 3 km of industrial fencing, full height turnstiles, motorised hinged gates and fence alarms.

“Our products and system solutions have been developed and tested to offer effective perimeter protection for high risk areas and satisfy the latest and most rigorous security requirements in the nuclear power industry,” says Sven Boëthius, CEO of Gunnebo Nordic AB. “The deliveries to OKG and Studsvik are good examples of how Gunnebo can now deliver complete system solutions.”

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