Optima Batteries - Russian Order

During 1998 and 1999 Optima will deliver at least 55,000 batteries to the Russian farming sector according to a recently-signed general agreement. The first order of 5,500 batteries has now been confirmed. The receiver is Rosagrosnab, who are listed on the Russian stock exchange and with more than 1,000 local sales outlets control 80% of the Russian agricultural market. "The agreement has great potential for Optima," says Managing Director Bengt Hagander. "The Russian farming sector imports over 300,000 batteries a year. Optima's high quality and long life make our batteries good value for money on this demanding market. It will also be an excellent gateway to new markets in Russia and the former Soviet Union, where there are equally tough demands for performance and durability. After more than two years in Russia, we can now start to reap the benefits of our intensive, target-oriented work." For further information Optima Batteries AB Gylling Optima batteries AB Bengt Hagander, MD, + 46 8-6223235 Lars Burström, IR-officer, + 46 8-6223252 Box 742, SE-182 17 DANDERYD, fax: + 46 8-622 32 90 GYLLING GROUP OF SCANDINAVIA E-mail: info@optimabatteries.se Internet: www.optimabatteries.se Gylling Optima Batteries AB are the parent company of the Optima Group. Optima Batteries Inc in Denver, Colorado are the group's manufacturing company and responsible for marketing and sales in North and South America. Optima Batteries AB are responsible for Europe, Asia and Africa. [REMOVED GRAPHICS]