Gyros introduces new product for high concentration protein quantification

Uppsala, Sweden, 13 February, 2007. Gyros announced today that it has extended its product range with a new compact disc (CD) microlaboratory – Gyrolab Bioaffy® 20 HC – for dilution-free protein quantification in the grams per liter range.

When quantifying proteins in high concentrations, current technologies, such as ELISA, require extensive dilution of samples in order to bring them into the technology’s measurable range. This is cumbersome and time consuming for scientists and increases the risk of quantification errors. By using very small sample volumes and a high-capacity capture column, Gyrolab Bioaffy 20 HC increases the measurement range, allowing scientists to quantify proteins in the grams per liter range without the need for any pre-assay, sample dilution.
Both the new Gyrolab Bioaffy 20 HC and the existing Gyrolab Bioaffy 200 (for high sensitivity assays when detecting low concentrations) CD microlaboratories are run on the same fully automated instrument, Gyrolab® Workstation. As such, scientists are able to run a diverse range of applications all using a single instrument. The open design principle underlying the platform provides very wide flexibility in the choice of target protein and allows experimental set-up to be designed on a day-to-day basis.
An example application where the introduction of Gyrolab Bioaffy 20 HC can greatly support the work of scientists is in process development for the production of protein-based drugs (biopharmaceuticals), such as monoclonal IgG. The combination of Gyrolab Bioaffy 20 HC and Gyrolab Bioaffy 200 can be used to increase the efficiency of biopharmaceutical process development by quickly and accurately quantifying drug product and host cell proteins at concentrations relevant for the entire purification process, from cell supernatant to purified product.

Commenting on the launch, Jan Würtz, Gyros CEO, said, “The new CD microlaboratory is an important addition to our product line and extends the value of our offering to our growing customer base. It also shows the versatility of our technology to meet different application needs. Obviously, it strengthens our position for new sales activity as well, and means that we can now offer a complete, single system solution with an extremely broad measurement range – something that is particularly well suited to biotherapeutic applications.”
About Gyros AB
Gyros is the leader in the miniaturization and integration of laboratory applications through its proprietary microfluidics platform, Gyrolab CD (compact disc) microlaboratory. Gyros delivers simple to use, precisely controlled solutions for processing hundreds of samples in parallel, generating more information from less sample and improving lab productivity and efficiency.
Application-specific microlaboratories use a modular design offering the potential to run different applications on a single instrument and to create customized solutions. The company is currently focused on two market segments: quantitative protein analysis for research, drug discovery and development applications; and, in vitro diagnostics for medical applications. Gyros has 50 employees working at its headquarters and European sales office in Uppsala, Sweden and its sales office in the USA.

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Gyros miniaturizes and integrates laboratory processes into application-specific Gyrolab? microlaboratories that process hundreds of samples in parallel at nanoliter scale. Scientists generate more information from less sample, improve lab performance and increase productivity.


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