HNA/HNB - New bond issue and sale of treasury holdings

Hafslund ASA has issued a new10 year bond with fixed interest: ISIN NO 001 034033.4 - 5.10 % Hafslund ASA open bond 2006/2016. The first tranche of the issue amounts to NOK 500 million. Payment date is 21 November 2006.
Arranger: DnB NOR Markets, Nordea Markets and SEB Merchant Banking.
Hafslund ASA has sold NOK 140 million of its treasury holding of FRN Hafslund 2006/2011 (HNA 62), ISIN NO 001 030802.6. After this transaction, the outstanding amount in the market is NOK 540 million, whereas NOK 60 million is kept within the treasury of Hafslund ASA.
The proceeds will be used as part of the financing of the acquisition of Viken Fjernvarme.
Hafslund ASA
Oslo, 20 November 2006.
For further information, please contact:
Group Treasurer Ketil Wang, tel + 47 975 13 135


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