HNA/HNB Offer to shareholders with less than 100 shares

Hafslund gives all shareholders with less than 100 (one round lot) Hafslund A- and/or B-shares a voluntarily offer to without transaction costs to sell their shares. The offer is sent per post and the final day of the offer period is 27 November.
Hafslund has more than 5,000 shareholders with less than one round lot. The offer is a consequence of inquires from shareholders who desire to sell small holdings of shares in Hafslund. The offer is favourable from a transaction cost of view and will reduce Hafslund's shareholder costs.
The offer is provided at the highest of the share price of NOK 117.- for Hafslund's A-shares and NOK 118.- for Hafslund's B-shares (closing share price 13 November) and the stock exchange price (closing price) at respective shares at 27 November, the last day of the offer period.
Please see attached documentation.
Hafslund ASA
Oslo, 14 November 2006
For further information, please contact:
Vice President Investor Relations, Heidi Ulmo, +47 90 91 93 25


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