Hafslund ASA, who just celebrated its 100 year in operation, held its ordinary shareholders meeting on Monday the 27 th. of april. The meeting was held at Rica Sjølyst Conference Center in Oslo and chaired by the chairman of the Corporate Assembly Hans Halvorsen.

Of the 71.831.586 shares registered for the meeting, 57.624.099 were A Class shares with voting rights and 14.207.487 B Class shares.

The accounts for 1997 were unanimously decided upon. Shareholders will receive an ordinary dividend of NOK 1,10 per share in addition to a special dividend of NOK 1.00 in connection with the centennial. The dividend will be paid out on the 13 th. of May.

In accordance with the proposal from the Nomination Committee the Meeting unanimously reelected Hans Halvorsen, Olaug Svarva and Annie Blakstad to serve as shareholder elected members for a period of two years.

Ragnar Søegaard was elected to the position left vacant by the resignation of Øyvind Refsnes.

In accordance with the proposal from the Nomination Committee Christen Furuholmen, Erik Wahlstrøm, Kai Sørbråten, Tarald Glastad and Georg Kervel were elected to serve as deputy members for a period of one year.

Borger Lenth was unanimously reelected to serve as a member of the Nomination Committee for a period of two years.

The shareholders meeting also approved the fee presented by the Auditors for 1997. It was also decided that the compensation for the officers of the Corporate Assembly should be left unchanged for 1998.

Oslo, 27 April 1998

For further information please contact CFO Knut Øversjøen or General Counsel Sæming M. Koppang.


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