Election Committee

Odin Fonder, AMF Pension, Andra AP-fonden and Unionen have formed an Election Committee before the 2009 Haldex Annual General Meeting. Together these owners represent 21.67 % of the votes in Haldex AB.

Viewpoints and suggestions can be sent to the Election Committee:

Peter Lindell (Chairman), AMF Pension, phone +46 76-128 03 03, peter.lindell@amfpension.se
Tomas Ramsälv, Odin Fonder, phone +46 8-407 14 57, tomas.ramsalv@odinfond.no
Carl Rosén, Andra AP-fonden, phone +46 73 940 10 10, carl.rosen@ap2.se
Björn Cederlund, Unionen, phone +46 70-227 04 12, bjornc42@telia.com

About Us

Haldex develops, manufactures and distributes products for brake and suspension systems for commercialvehicles. Our customers include manufacturers of heavy trucks, buses and trailers, and axle manufacturersfor these types of vehicles. Other applications as agriculture and special vehicles are also served. Theproduct portfolio comprises all of the main components and sub-systems included in a complete brake orsuspension system. Haldex, with headquarters in Landskrona, Sweden, has a global presence in terms of sales, research, development, technical serviceand production. Net sales amounted to approximately 3.9 billion SEK in 2013. Manufacturing takes place inSweden, Germany, Hungary, China, India, Brazil, Mexico and the USA. The company employs 2 135 people.


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