Halton releases the most efficient smoke- and fire-damper control system

The Halton SAFE control system meets the need for increased efficiency in ventilation fire-safety solutions. The system controls the operation of up to 200 fire and smoke dampers and 200 smoke detectors. It considerably improves the safety of a building – while the installation and cabling costs remain lower than expected.

The Halton SAFE system controls all parts of a building’s ventilation fire-safety system, from fire and smoke dampers to smoke detectors. It can control the operation of up to 200 fire and smoke dampers and smoke detectors. The central unit can be modularly extended with Halton SAFE LINK control units, to which the fire dampers and smoke detectors are connected in groups of 1–4 units. Fire dampers and smoke detectors can be clustered into as many as 15 groups, enabling the system to respond to a fire alarm by closing only those fire dampers that are in the fire compartment.

The Halton SAFE system also allows automatic testing of fire and smoke dampers on a weekly basis at a time specified by the user. The system incorporates the requirement of testing fire dampers as required by the many national regulations. The system creates a report on the tests carried out, indicating the functionality of each fire damper.

The system comes with an easy-to-use 5.7" graphical touchscreen. Optionally, the system can be equipped with a remote connection that makes all of the functions available via a Web browser.

Commissioning instructions are given in the user guide for Halton SAFE – operation and installation instructions’ manual, supplied with the product. In addition, Halton supplies its customers with commissioning as a service.

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