Appointments at Handelsbanken

Rainer Lawniczak has been appointed head of Regional Bank Southern Norrland and Executive Vice President at Handelsbanken as of 1 May. He is currently manager of the Karlstad Stora Torget branch. Rainer Lawniczak has previously been branch manager at several Swedish branches and has also been head of credits and marketing at Handelsbanken Frankfurt as well as regional area manager at Regional Bank Southern Sweden.
He succeeds Håkan Sandberg who, after 13 years as head of Regional Bank Southern Norrland, will be nominated chairman of the board for several of the subsidiaries in the Handelsbanken Group.

For further information, please contact: <!-- hugin-supplied --><br> Lars O Grönstedt, Group Chief Executive, tel: +46 8 22 92 20, or <!-- hugin-supplied --><br> Johan Lagerström, Deputy Head of Corporate Communications, tel: + 46 70-265 8014

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