Executive appointments at Handelsbanken

On 1 April, Björn C Andersson will leave his position as head of Handelsbanken Asset Management, a post he has held since 1998. He remains as chairman of Handelsbanken Liv, SPP, Nordben and Euroben. He will also work on various strategic issues in the Handelsbanken Group on behalf of the CEO.

Ulf Riese, chief executive of Handelsbanken Finans since 1995, has been appointed head of Handelsbanken Asset Management and executive vice president at Handelsbanken. Ulf Riese's previous positions include head of the Bank's Finnish operations and regional area manager at the Central Sweden regional bank.
Yonnie Bergqvist has been appointed chief executive of Handelsbanken Finans. He has been chief executive of Stadshypotek Bank since 1997. During an initial period, Yonnie Bergqvist will combine the two chief executive positions, with the particular intention of investigating whether it is desirable or possible to integrate the two subsidiaries more closely. Yonnie Bergqvist has previously been head of Retail Financial Services and Factoring and Invoice Services at Handelsbanken Finans.
Jan Karlsson has been appointed deputy chief executive of Stadshypotek Bank. He is currently area manager for Sales and Customer Service at Stadshypotek Bank.
The press release can be downloaded from the following link:

For further information, please contact: <!-- hugin-supplied --><br> Lars O Grönstedt, Group Chief Executive, tel: +46 8 22 92 20, or <!-- hugin-supplied --><br> Lars Lindmark, Head of Corporate Communications, tel: +46 8 701 1036

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