Handelsbanken: The Nordic warrant market 2005

"The Nordic Warrant Market 2005" is a survey that Handelsbanken Capital Markets has compiled every year since 2002.
  • Warrant turnover in the Nordic region increased by 9% in 2005. Turnover rose by 33% in Finland and 57% in Norway; in Sweden it decreased by 9%.
  • In Finland and Norway, turnover was at record levels.
  • Handelsbanken Capital Markets was the largest player on the overall Nordic market, with a share of 42.5%. Handelsbanken Capital Markets had a market share of 43.2% in Sweden, 36.5% in Finland and 100% in Norway.
  • Turnover was the highest in Ericsson and OMXS30(TM) warrants in Sweden, in Nokia and DAX® warrants in Finland, and in Norsk Hydro and Tomra warrants in Norway.
  • At year-end 2005, there were 2,694 warrants on the three markets - an increase of 39%. There were 2,269 warrants in Sweden, 342 in Finland and 83 in Norway.
  • In total, 3,387 warrants were listed in 2005. This is a record, and an increase of 54%. There were 2,759 warrants listed in Sweden, 577 in Finland and 51 in Norway.
"2005 was a good year for the Nordic warrant market: the main surprises came from Finland and Norway, with growth rates of 33% and 57% respectively. It is also good news that Handelsbanken Capital Markets has managed to further strengthen its market position, despite stiffening competition. Handelsbanken Capital Markets was the largest player in Sweden and Norway for the fifth successive year and the largest player in Finland for the third successive year," says Peter Frösell, product manager at Handelsbanken Capital Markets.
More details can be found in the attached document:

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