Handelsbanken agrees with the government's view of the crisis

Handelsbanken has studied the Swedish government's proposal to the Council on Legislation concerning stabilisation measures for the Swedish financial system, announced on 20 October 2008.
The proposal comprises two parts - a guarantee programme and a stability fund. The purpose of the guarantee programme is to guarantee banks' medium-term funding. Joining this programme is voluntary. Like the present deposit guarantee scheme, the stability fund will be mandatory for all banks.
Handelsbanken agrees with the government's description of the financial situation in our sector and thus welcomes the fact that the Swedish government is now taking similar measures to the US and several countries in the EU as well as Asia.
Handelsbanken is subject to the mandatory part of the proposal - the stability fund. Handelsbanken agrees that stabilising the market is also of great benefit to all players.
Concerning the voluntary part - the guarantee programme - Handelsbanken awaits further information.
For further information, please contact:
Pär Boman, group chief executive, +46 8 22 92 20
Björn Börjesson, executive vice president, +46 8 22 92 20 
Johan Lagerström, press officer, +46 8 701 1395, mobile: +46 70 265 80 14
Bengt Carlsson, press contact, +46 8 701 26 30; mobile: +46 70 508 96 92

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