Handelsbanken best for Private Banking

Handelsbanken has received the highest ratings in all categories in Prospera's annual survey among Swedish Private Banking customers. 

In its survey, Prospera interviewed over 800 customers split into three different groups according to the size of their private finances. All groups ranked Handelsbanken as best for  Private Banking.

"With 461 branches all over Sweden we have a proximity to and relationship with our customers that is hard to beat. Private Banking is all about looking after everything from simple day-to-day transactions to advanced full-service solutions. We adapt our services to each customer's specific requirements. Coupled with top-notch asset management, research and investment products, this means that we can create great value added for our customers," says Annika Espander, responsible for Private Banking at Handelsbanken.

For further information, contact:

Annika Espander, responsible for Private Banking, Handelsbanken, +46 8 - 701 84 30
Thommy Mossinger, Handelsbanken's Swedish Regional Banks +46 8 - 22 92 20
Bengt Carlsson, press contact, Handelsbanken +46 8 - 701 26 30
mobile: +46 70 - 508 96 92


For more information about Handelsbanken: www.handelsbanken.com

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