Handelsbanken Markets restructures its foreign exchange and fixed income trading in Finland

Handelsbanken Markets has decided to move, as of April 30th foreign exchange- and as of June 29th fixed income- market-making, together with large corporation- and institutional- sales from Helsinki to Stockholm and London.

Through this decision Handelsbanken Markets takes yet another step to develop the business to be a leading provider in the Nordic market and offer a complete set of products and services.

The remaining trading activities in Helsinki will consist of sales with focus mainly on medium-sized corporates and institutions and will be part of Handelsbanken Finland. In Sweden the concept of regional sales-desks has been established for many years and has proved to be very successful and efficient.

The restructuring of the trading-activities within Handelsbanken Markets is also a part of the Bank's preparations in face of the introduction of the euro. Through Helsinki, London and Stockholm Handelsbanken will be able to offer its customers a whole range of euro-related products and services within foreign exchange- and fixed income-trading.

The employees concerned by this decision will be working within Handelsbanken, either internationally or in Finland.

For further information please contact:

Pertti Hiltunen, Head of Handelsbanken Markets Trading

Petri Hatakka, Deputy Head of Handelsbanken Markets Trading

Carl-Axel Olsson, Regional Head Handelsbanken Finland

They can all be reached on telephone number +358 9 166 771

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