Handelsbanken ranked best Nordic bank

Euromoney writes, The only bank with a significant pan-Nordic presence is Svenska Handelsbanken of Sweden. Handelsbanken has arguably the strongest brand name in Nordic banking, and has been able to build organic growth outside its Swedish market with only small acquisitions.

Handelsbanken's long-term and consistent profitability in all its markets and the fact that the bank has the highest rating of all Nordic banks contributed to Handelsbanken being Euromoney's choice.

Euromoney explains in more detail the reason for the awards - Handelsbanken's costs are lower than most of the other banks' in the sector, and credit quality in lending is never sacrificed in favour of business volumes. A mixture of caution and efficiency has helped to make Handelsbanken one of the most consistently successful banks in the Nordic region over the past few years.

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