Moody's upgrades Svenska Handelsbanken's rating

The long-term rating of the bank's subsidiary Stadshypotek AB is upgraded as well to Aa2 from Aa3.

Moody's indicates among other reasons the bank's low risk profile, sustained earnings capacity and focused strategy as reason for the upgrade. Stadshypotek is viewed as an integrated part of the bank.

Svenska Handelsbanken which has the highest rating among Nordic banks now has the same rating as the Kingdom of Sweden, which means that the rating can only increase if the Kingdom's rating improves.

Today, there are only two major European universal banks that have a higher rating than Svenska Handelsbanken's from Moody's.

For further information, please contact: <br> <br>Arne Mårtensson, Group chief executive, <br>telephone +46 8 22 92 20 <br> <br>Sven Grevelius, Head of Control and Accounting Department, <br>telephone +46 8 701 1553 <br> <br>Gustaf Elmstedt, Head of Investor Relations, <br>telephone + 46 8 701 5142. <br>

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