HappySacs - The KickStarter for your Balls

A young engineer, husband, and father of 2 develops a special new bag…for your balls.


The HappySac was developed by a young engineer who was tired of dealing with a sticky, sweaty, and occasionally chafing scrotum. Christian Smith created HappySacs to prevent discomfort. Underwear and baby powder certainly weren’t doing the job. While discussing the problem and solution with his wife they realized that HappySacs is a win-win for men and women, men can be more comfortable and women don’t have to witness PDA (Public Displays of Adjustment).  “No one wants to see you coax your “scrote” in public,” says Smith in his hilarious Kickstarter video seen here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/48871782/happysacs-the-ultimate-solution-for-mens-comfort

While living in Houston, Texas, Christian called his wife on his way home from work. “You’re going to laugh”, he said “but I’m serious. I need you to sew me a bag when I get home, it’s for my scrotum.” Christian was right, she did laugh, hard. When he got home a bag was sewn and the first HappySac was born.  Initially HappySacs were created for his own personal use, but once he saw how well they worked he decided to make them available to the masses.  “The product is inherently quirky, but it solves a problem all men can relate to,” says Smith.

Fabrics have been tested, surveys have been taken and a trial was done in September 2014. Since then they have launched a Kickstarter campaign on January 6th, 2015. HappySacs raised over 50% of their goal in their first week of launching and they reached their initial goal of $7,500 on Sunday, January 25th.  Their campaign ends on February 10th.

Christian currently has three different kinds of HappySacs available:

  • The Original HappySac - Made from a soft, sweat-wicking, odor-reducing, anti-microbial jersey knit material.
  • The ColdSac - All the properties of the original sac but it is also made with Jade nylon fabric that cools the skin up to six degrees Fahrenheit - possibly best used in heat or while working out.
  • The WarmSac - All the same properties as The Original HappySac but can help keep your goodies warm in cold weather.

The next step for the HappySacs Kickstarter campaign is to raise $10,000.  For all you stealth streakers, a special CamoSac pattern will be made available once this stretch goal is reached.  More exciting stretch goals will be made available depending on the success of the campaign. 

HappySacs strives to provide ultimate comfort by using premium fabric and simple design.  The HappySac appeals to everyone, whether it is purchased as a solution to a problem or as a gag gift for your father-in-law.  As HappySacs continues to raise money on Kickstarter, they will also continue to release fun and clever stretch goal rewards! There’s been talk about a Kevlar sac and you have to admit, that would just be downright awesome.  So spread the word! Go to KickStarter.com and search “HappySacs”. Don’t just read through the project, first watch the video as it is not to be missed. Let’s see what other creative sacs he has by helping HappySacs reach their first stretch goal. Here’s to hoping there are many more to come!




If you’d like more information about HappySacs or to schedule an interview with Christian please call 801.360.0109 or send an email to Christian@happysacs.com. You can also send us a tweet to @hapsacs or a Facebook message. ​


Christian Smith graduated from Brigham Young University in Manufacturing Engineering. He has been married for 8 years and has a 3-year-old daughter and a 1.5-year-old son. He spent 2 years in Houston working in the oil industry but moved his family back to Utah to raise his kids near family. His passion is product design and development and he currently works as a mechanical engineer for a ladder company.​


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The Happy Sac is one of those products that you never knew you needed. The first few days wearing the sac I thought it seemed fine. Then I spent a day without it and that was when I realized just how nice it was to wear the HappySac. I love 'em
Weston Dunn
It's like a care package...for my package!!! No more chafing!
Tanner Dendy