New book by Robert Leahy, PhD provides a comprehensive guide to beating depression using cognitive therapy

Beat the Blues Before They Beat You

How to Overcome Depression

By Robert L. Leahy PhD

Published 5th December 2011

£10.99 pb, also available as an eBook

Cognitive therapy techniques to help you rescue yourself from depression

Do you feel plagued by negative thoughts about yourself, overwhelmed by loneliness, paralysed by a fear of failure? If so, you're not alone. The good news is that with effective treatment you can overcome depression - and once you do, you will be better equipped to prevent its recurrence.

In this new book world-renowned cognitive therapist and bestselling author Robert Leahy shows how you can alleviate the effects of major depressive disorders.

 Inside you'll learn how to:

 -       Change your attitude and banish unpleasant, intrusive thoughts
 -       Redefine your experience through mindful-awareness practices
 -       Develop self-confidence and defeat feelings of fatigue, hopelessness and worthlessness

 Beat the Blues Before They Beat You is a collection of the most powerful tools in cognitive therapy to help you curb your thoughts and behaviours, so you can begin to feel good again.

Robert L. Leahy, PhD, is recognised as one of the most respected cognitive therapists in the world. He is the Director of the American Institute for Cognitive Therapy in New York City and a Clinical Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry at the Weill-Cornell Medical School. Leahy has written and edited 17 books, including the bestseller The Worry Cure and Anxiety Free.

‘If you are depressed or vulnerable to depression, this book is for you. Written by one of the world's leading experts in cognitive-behaviour therapy, it provides a thoughtful and balanced account of depression and how to overcome it using tried and tested strategies.’ 

Christopher G. Fairburn, MD, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Oxford

Robert is available for interview and the book is available for extract. For press enquiries please contact Jessica Crockett – or 020 8962 1248