Amendments to lock-up agreements regarding shares in D. Carnegie & Co

In connection with the listing of D. Carnegie & Co AB’s (publ) (“D. Carnegie & Co” or the “Company”) shares on NASDAQ OMX First North, the former major shareholders entered into so called lock-up agreements with the Company and ABG Sundal Collier AB (“ABG”), in its capacity as Manager in connection with the listing. Under the lock-up agreements, the former major shareholders have undertaken, for a period of time, not to inter alia sell or pledge the shares in D. Carnegie & Co. Since a few amendments have been made to Kvalitena AB’s (publ) (“Kvalitena”) lock-up agreement, the Company hereby announces the following information.

Kvalitena, the major shareholder in D. Carnegie & Co, has asked ABG for permission to make certain disposals of some of its shares in D. Carnegie & Co. The Company and ABG have given permission to make such disposals, subject to certain conditions.

Kvalitena have been permitted to swap 1,088,472 of its B shares for 1,088,472 A shares. The swap will be carried out through a transfer of 1,088,472 A shares from Frasdale International B.V. (“Frasdale”) to Kvalitena and a transfer of 1,088,472 B shares from Kvalitena to Frasdale. The permission is conditional upon Kvalitena submitting to corresponding lock-up restrictions in respect of the new A shares.

For further information, please contact:

Ulf Nilsson, CEO, D. Carnegie & Co

+46 (0)8 121 317 25


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