Candy free cash-counters taste sweet – rolls out all over Sweden

Starting today, candy free cash-counters are available in the whole of Sweden and Hemköp is yet again showing how its’ new core value, “Helping you to do healthier shopping”, is a long-term commitment and a good choice for consumers.

Child obesity is a major issue. In the United States, 35 percent of the children are overweight and in Europe the number is 20-25 percent. Hemköp sees the candy free cash-counters as a part of taking greater responsibility for the Swedish public health and not least the health of children. Late April 2006, Hemköp therefore launched its large health initiative to aid customers in making their grocery shopping healthier. In the first phase, the candy free cash-counters were tested at six Hemköp stores in different parts of the country. The test was very well received, which is why now all customers will benefit from candy free cash-counters in all 160 of Hemköp’s stores.

With the new candy free cash-counter, parents will have an easier time grocery shopping with their children without being pressured to buy sweets, not having to stand next to the candy racks when waiting in line.

”The choice of what food to eat is always the choice of the customer, but Hemköp would like to contribute by pointing out what food is good for the health”, says Katarina Gabrielson, marketing manager at Hemköp. “To give the option of choosing a candy free cash-counter is a natural step in our ambition of proposing healthy alternatives, and we’re offering fast and simple afternoon snacks for anyone who’s interested. Furthermore, we’ve heard from many parents how relieving it is to be able to avoid the nagging for sweets when waiting in line”.

In the candy free cash-counters, the sweets have been replaced by crisp bread, nuts, fresh and dried fruts and roasted leguminous plants. A number of Hemköp stores also carry fresh snack-sized fruits in the form of SNAX bags in seven versions: pear, apple, apple/pear, mini carrots, grapes, pear/grapes and cherry.

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