Henley Software achieves VMware partner status for virtualisation

Henley Software has achieved the status of Professional Solution Partner with VMware, which means thatHenley can supply the company’s virtualisation platform to its customers. 

So far, managing director Russell Henley has qualified as a VMware Certified Professional. More people at the company are also currently working towards VMware certifications.

“With the new partner status, we are now authorised to provide consulting services around VMware’s technology, and we have access to all of the company’s solutions,” says Russell Henley, managing director of Henley Software. “Henley has the experience, the qualifications and the expertise to help customers get the most out of virtualisation.”

Virtualisation is an IT technology that enables multiple ‘virtual’ servers to run efficiently on one physical machine. This means that fewer computers are required, saving money and greatly reducing power consumption. Virtualisation also makes a data centre more resilient, as if a server fails the processes running on it can easily be moved to another computer. Virtualisation makes computing more resilient, as virtual servers don’t care which actual hardware they use to work, so cables can break, switches can fail and even entire computers can go offline and the virtual servers keep running.

To date, Henley has four customers using its VMware managed service platform. One example is Chevron, a specialist travel agency. Chevron runs its entire booking system on a VMware stack in Henley’s data centre.

“Chevron have benefited because we can reconfigure their servers to handle a peak in demand,” explains Russell. “They can do a marketing push, and we can easily increase the processing power of the servers in advance to cope – VMware means this just takes a couple of mouse clicks.”

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About Henley Software

Based near Maidenhead, Henley Software is an approachable, friendly IT company with real commercial experience. Henleyis a fully fledged member of the Microsoft Support network and an accredited VMware Professional Partner. Its services include IT consultancy, software development, IT management and managed services. For more information, see www.henleysoftware.co.uk