Hexicon receives financing from Vinnova

Hexicon AB has received 2,7 MSEK financing from Sweden’s innovation agency Vinnova in order to accelerate the development towards a new industrial sector in Sweden for floating wind energy.

The research support from Vinnova has been issued to boost the research and growth in early stages of small and medium sized innovation companies. Hexicon regards this grant not only as a capital injection into research and development, but also as recognition of its innovation being on the right track towards a sustainable production of renewable energy.

Hexicon designs large floating platforms for offshore wind energy. Hexicon's platforms are based on scale of economy and profitable energy production. This allows wind turbines to be set up in areas where winds are stronger and more stable. Wind energy parks can be built out of sight and in areas where the environmental impact is minimal.

"With the financing from Vinnova, Hexicon can accelerate its research and development towards a new industrial sector for large scale renewable energy” says John Holm, Director Design & Engineering at Hexicon AB.

VINNOVA is Sweden’s innovation agency and develops Sweden´s innovation capacity for sustainable growth. Link to Vinnova pressrelease:

Henrik Baltscheffsky, 46 (0) 734 234 439,  henrik.baltscheffsky@hexicon.eu

The Hexicon floating platforms offers large scale offshore wind energy production, in locations not normally suitable due to sea depth or seabed conditions. The turning platform concept was initiated by innovators from the marine and the wind energy industry. Hexicon AB was founded in 2009 and is a design and engineering company which provides know how, solutions and IP rights.


About Us

Hexicon is a Swedish Design and Engineering house developing floating multi-turbine platforms. Our patented technology enables the platform to align with the wind direction, maximising energy yield from free wind for its turbines. This enables efficient harvesting of the best offshore energy resources further offshore in deeper waters. www.hexicon.eu