A matter of life or death - HiQ has helped Zenitel to develop a solution for increased efficiency in rescue operations - Zenifire

The emergency services in Denmark can now reach the scene quicker than ever when a fire alarm goes off. In partnership with HiQ, systems integrator Zenitel has developed ZeniFire – an advanced solution that automates statutory reporting, saves time and minimizes the risk of errors at every stage of a rescue operation. The solution was launched during the third quarter 2008.

”Every minute can make a difference between life and death when the alarm goes off. Our task was to develop a solution where the users can spend as little time as possible on administrative reporting. Also to get the whole procedure during a rescue easier and more efficient so the fire crew can devote all their resources to what it’s all about – fire fighting and saving lives,” says Ole Haslund, Product & Engineering Manager at Zenitel Denmark.

ZeniFire is a software application that can be installed on any PC – including mobile computers in emergency service vehicles. ZeniFire can, no matter technical platform, help the emergency services complete the operation from start to finish. Features of ZeniFire include automatic data gathering and reporting, secure navigation to the scene of the incident, electronically controlled camera, user-friendly operation etc.

HiQ has assisted Zenitel with the start-up process and helped to specify the platforms on which ZeniFire would be based.

”We could not have developed ZeniFire without HiQ. They added the expertise we needed and were a productive sparring partner. HiQ advised us on some existing development processes and in the end we changed the basis of the ZeniFire platform radically thanks to HiQ’s advice. Not only did this experience create the architecture for ZeniFire, but we were also able to implement the SCRUM development process as part of our general development process. So there is no doubt that we will be working with them again,” says a satisfied Ole Haslund.

Traditionally the emergency services in Denmark have to go through a long list of things before an operation is concluded. Through ZeniFire the address is forwarded automatically from the operations centre to ZeniFire’s navigation function in the emergency vehicle. The screen provides route guidance assisted by voice navigation and the departure and arrival times are recorded automatically. The vehicle has online access and automatically finds the most up-to-date information on the specific building, accesses, fire hydrants, hazardous liquids, etc. As a result, the emergency services know where and how to access the fire hydrants even before arriving.

ZeniFire can also help at the scene. For example, an IP camera mounted on the fire engine can scan the scene and visually report the extent of the incident – providing valid documentation for the later report.

About Zenitel Denmark:
Zenitel Denmark A/S is a company in the Belgian listed group Zenitel, a systems integrator and supplier of communications systems for the professional market. Zenitel employs around 500 people, 58 of them in Denmark. Zenitel designs and integrates individual communications solutions that optimise daily operations. These solutions help resources to be better utilised, improve safety and increase the level of service – factors that ultimately improve competitiveness. Zenitel provides communications solutions for the emergency services, public transport, airports, tunnels, metros, the armed forces and the maritime sector as well as to industrial enterprises of all sizes and operates a nationwide call-out service 24/7, 365 days a year. For more information, visit www.zenitel.dk.

For more information, please contact:
Lise Jonasen, Managing Director HiQ Denmark, tel: +45 45 20 11 10
Annika Billberg, Head of Corporate Communications, HiQ, tel: +46 8 588 90 015
Ole Haslund, Product & Engineering Manager Zenitel Denmark, tel. +45 43 26 51 65

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