HiQ assists the Swedish Emergency Management Agency with its new radio communications system

HiQ has been commissioned by the Swedish Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) to assist with the specification, procurement and introduction of mobile data applications in SEMA’s new radio communications system RAKEL.

The assignment involves HiQ helping SEMA to specify, procure and introduce mobile data applications (known as MDAs) in the radio communications system RAKEL. An MDA makes it possible to send, receive and process data such as map locations, patient data, images and text information, which together with existing voice communication provides powerful services for the users of RAKEL. RAKEL is a common communications system used by the various safety and security authorities, so these services create the conditions for improved management and communication – thereby providing a more efficient and more secure response and, in the final event, a safer society for citizens. SEMA coordinates work on the preparedness of Swedish society to manage serious crises and is also responsible for information security in Swedish society. In the event of a serious crisis SEMA provides support to public sector bodies such as municipalities, county councils and government authorities. The RAKEL unit is the unit within SEMA that is working on the planning and development of a new national radio communications system for safety and security authorities such as the police, the coastguard, the ambulance service, rescue services and the Swedish armed forces. “Rapid and effective communication is becoming increasingly important in our society, and that is true not least in connection with emergency situations. The new radio communications system will substantially improve communication between different security authorities. The roll-out of the new network is currently in progress and it will be in operation in early 2006,” says Nils Svartz, Project Manager within the RAKEL unit at SEMA. “HiQ has worked with leading suppliers, operators and users in telecoms for over ten years and is now in a unique position as regards mobility and wireless systems. In this assignment we can help our client to create the conditions for more efficient communications, management and coordination when emergency situations arise in our society. Naturally we are very proud of the confidence that our client has placed in us,” says Patrik Boman, Managing Director of HiQ Data. For further information, please contact: Lars Stugemo, President and CEO HiQ International, tel.: +46 (0)8-588 90 000 Patrik Boman, Managing Director HiQ Data, tel.: +46 (0)8-588 90 000 Annika Billberg, Head of Corporate Communications HiQ, tel.: +46 (0)8-588 90 015, +46 (0)704 200 103

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