HiQ creates a new business area called HiQ Öresund

– Market initiative with a greater customer focus and intensified sales activities HiQ is creating a new business area, HiQ Öresund with subsidiaries HiQ Skåne and HiQ Copenhagen. The purpose of the new business area is to create a platform for expansion through joint sales activities and intensified marketing. Jon Carvell, Managing Director of HiQ Skåne, has been appointed head of the new business area. The present Managing Director for HiQ Copenhagen, Lise Jonasen, has decided to leave HiQ to pursue other activities.

Today HiQ employs close to 200 consultants in high-tech projects for clients in the telecoms, industrial and public sectors in the Öresund region. The aim in the coming year is to strengthen HiQ in the region through targeted sales activities and a joint market initiative. The long-term goal is to double the number of employees and strengthen HiQ’s position as one of the leading players in the IT industry in this region. ”The Öresund region is an exciting growth region with many clients in technology-intensive sectors. The challenges of the past year have created opportunities for a strong player like HiQ to increase its market share on both the Danish and the Swedish side of the sound. Creating HiQ Öresund will enable us to work on this market in a natural way that is even more effective than before,” says Jon Carvell, Managing Director of HiQ Skåne and head of HiQ Öresund. ”Jon Carvell has worked with others at HiQ Skåne to build up a very strong operation in this region. We work with several leading players in the region and today we have one of the strongest brands in the market. I am convinced that Jon will shoulder the responsibility for the new business area and do an excellent job,” says Lars Stugemo, President & CEO of HiQ. ”Jon Carvell will have help in Denmark by Morten Hougaard and Ulla Beckman that will run the Danish operation. Both Ulla and Morten is part of the team at HiQ Denmark and has worked hard with Lise Jonasen and others there to develop HiQ in the Danish market, over the past year under very tough market conditions. Now that Lise Jonasen has decided to leave HiQ, Morten and Ulla will do an excellent job of running our Danish operation and, with Jon Carvell and other colleagues in Öresund, will continue to develop HiQ into Öresund’s leading IT and management consulting firm. We are very grateful for the work that Lise has done and wish her luck in her future endeavours,” continues Lars Stugemo. For more information, please contact: Lars Stugemo, President & CEO of HiQ, tel. 046 (0)8 588 90 000 Jon Carvell, Head of HiQ Öresund and Managing Director of HiQ Skåne, tel. +46 (0)768 800 700 Annika Billberg, Head of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations at HiQ, tel. +45 (0)8 588 90 015, +46 (0)704 200 103

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