HiQ delivers Finland's most extensive real estate and customer management system to GVA Finland

GVA Finland is one of Finland's leading commercial real estate agencies. The new system allows GVA Finland to manage real estate and customer information more quickly and efficiently. The amount of routine tasks is reduced, and company resources can be utilised more productively. Real estate and customer data can be gathered directly from the system and the analysis of market information becomes more efficient.

The new system will join all GVA Finland´s back-office systems, including their real estate database and CRM system, into a single web-based interface. One of the new features is a map tool that offers excellent usability and efficient data transfer to customers and other interest groups.
- Our aim is to provide added value to our customers through efficient reporting and other features. For instance, we will be able to give a very accurate account of activity that has been done to a particular property, says advisor Jukka Torvinen from GVA Finland.

GVA chose HiQ because of the company's impressive track record of reliability and expertise.

- We wanted a sparring partner and developer, not just someone who will do what we tell them. HiQ is familiar with our line of business and they have brought up many new ideas to develop the system. We have received first-class service, Torvinen says.

For HiQ the project has provided a suitable challenge. In the future, the project's results will facilitate the development of other agile technologies. HiQ aims to ensure a full lifecycle for its solutions.

- The project has gone well, because GVA has solid expertise in their own field and communication has been smooth. GVA's new system is definitely top of the range in its field, says Jukka Paananen from HiQ Softplan.

The first phase of the project is coming to a close, and the second phase, during which user experiences will be gathered and a reporting system will be built, will begin this spring. The aim is to create a system that allows for further developments also in the future.

For further information please contact:
Lars Stugemo, President and CEO, HiQ International, tel.: +46 8 588 90 000
Pekka Neva, Managing Director, HiQ Softplan Ltd, Tel. +358-9-4355 8634
Jukka Torvinen, Managing Director, GVA Finland, Tel. +358-40-827 7832
Annika Billberg, Head of Corporate Communications, HiQ International, tel.: +46 8 588 90 015

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