HiQ starts up new test centre for mobile terminals

HiQ is expanding its bid to provide an offering within the area of testing and verification of mobile terminals through the launch of HiQ Test Centre for mobile terminals.

“For several years HiQ has offered its clients advanced interoperability testing of mobile terminals via our IOT (Interoperability Test) lab. As the technical complexity of the terminals increases, it becomes all the more important for our clients to be able to carry out effective testing in order to ensure the quality of the product before its launch. With the launch of a mobile terminal test centre, we expand our offering to a more complete range of advanced testing and verification services for mobile terminals,” says Mikael Teng, responsible for HiQ Test Centre. Among other things, HiQ Test Centre offers interoperability testing, third party application testing, conformance testing and expert consultancy. The new test centre will be used for testing mobile platforms and terminals with products such as servers, networks, gateways, handhelds, etc. “The technology is becoming more advanced and communication between products and systems is increasing at a fast pace. This makes it all the more important to test and verify that products work with other products before launch. Through HiQ Test Centre for mobile terminals we can offer our clients a concept for test and verification that include everything from expertise, resource planning and structured methods to ensure that our clients become more effective,” continues Teng. “With over ten years’ of experience in testing and simulation, we at HiQ see good opportunities for generating more business and attracting more new customers in the future through HiQ Test Centre" says Teng. For further information, please contact: Lars Stugemo, President and CEO HiQ International, tel.: +46 (0)8-588 90 000 Mikael Teng, Responsible HiQ Test Centre, tel.: +46 (0)8-588 90 000 Annika Billberg, Head of Corporate Communications HiQ, tel.: 08-588 90 015, 0704-200 103

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