Monthly report as of April 1998

The consolidated sales of April increased by 33,1 % to MSEK 203,3 (152,7). The market demand continues to be strong on all the HL Display's core products. The first deliveries within the new product segment Shop-systems has been very well received. The inflow of orders and quotations continues to be strong on all markets. The market demand of the most recently entered markets have improved. An agreement has been signed with a supplier of price cassettes, which are supplemental to the HL Display product line. These products will widen the product mix and are a part in HL Displays strategy to support our customers in the transferring to the Euro currency. The Profit before tax of January to April amounted to MSEK 23,2 (27,3) which is according to plan. Profit is still marginally lower than the corresponding months last year, that were very strong. For the full year 1998 the profit is expected to exceed last years. Profit before tax is affected by restatement difference losses of MSEK 2.4 compared to last year. The investment program for increasing capacity is implemented as planned. Expenses for building up the sales and marketing organisation has been charged to profit. Capital expenditures on fixed assets amounts to MSEK 22,9 (12,8). These mainly regards production plants. Financial Report dates: Monthly report 5 months 1998 19/06/1998 Interim report 6 months 1998 20/07/1998 Monthly report 7 months 1998 20/08/1998 Monthly report 8 months 1998 21/09/1998 Interim report 9 months 1998 19/10/1998 Monthly report 10 months 1998 20/11/1998 Monthly report 11 months 1998 21/12/1998 Stockholm 20/05/98 Anders Remius Managing Director HL Display's business concept is to offer the retail trade and its suppliers customer-adapted display systems, which with a high degree of flexibility, short response time and in a cost-efficient manner will provide price and product information to the ultimate customer at the point of sale.