Report January - August 1999 HL Display

Report January - August 1999 HL Display AB (publ) * Sales for January to August increased by 18.3% to SEK 492.1 m (415.9) compared to corresponding period 1998. During August sales was SEK 63.6 m (51.2), an increase by 24.2% * The periods profit before tax amounted to SEK 29.9 m (56.8). The profit for the month was SEK 2.7 m (8.1) January to August 1999 in brief The consolidated sales for the period increased by 18.3 per cent to SEK 492.1 m (415.9). Net sales during August amounted to SEK 63.6 m (51.2), an increase by 24.2%. Operating profit for the period amounted to SEK 36.6 m (55.3). The profitability is continuously weakened by the under-utilised production capacity. Actions are taken in order to improve capacity utilisation for the production units. Profit before tax was SEK 29.9 m (56.8). This includes a translation loss on consolidation of SEK -3.6 m (+1.3). This is explained by the strengthening of the Swedish Krona to other Group currencies, primarily to the Euro, since the beginning of this year. The profit before tax of August was SEK 2.7 m (8.1). Net investments in fixed assets amounted to SEK 29.2 m (41.7) during the period. In addition SEK 8.4 m (2.4) is related to acquisitions. Stockholm 17.09.1999 Forthcoming Reports: Interim 9 months 18.10.1 report 1999 999 Monthly 10 months 18.11.1 report 1999 999 Monthly 11 months 17.12.1 report 1999 999 Year end 12 months 24.01.2 report 1999 000 Anders Remius Managing Director HL Display shall increase customer profitability by offering the retail trade and its suppliers cost efficient, customer-adapted display systems. Production is to be flexible and delivery times are to be kept short. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: The Full Report The Full Report