Great Gatsby Bobs at Hothair

1920's inspired Bobs are set to be this year's hottest style.

At Hot Hair, we’re excitedly awaiting the release of Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ –We’re huge fans of Luhrmann’s films- The costumes, the music, the dancing- the hair! As ever, Luhrmann’s film is bound to inspire fashion & beauty trends, this time hailing from the 1920’s.

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In the 20’s the Bob was racy and daring hairstyle beloved of flappers & starlets, such as Louise Brooks and the heroine Daisy Buchanan from F. Scott Fitzgeralds novel .However its elegant proportions have stood the test of time and The Bob is still fashionable today as it was in 1920.

Spotted at a host of recent catwalk shows (including Anna Sui), the flapper-style bob hairdo is set to make an even bigger comeback in 2013. Chic,& stylish the bob is a hairstyle that’s suitable for everyone.

At Hot Hair, we have a range of ready-to-wear wigs which are perfect for unleashing your inner starlet. Our exclusive Inspired range includes three stunning, ready-to-wear bobs which are designed with exclusive features such as lace fronts to ensure all day comfort and maximum style power. Perfect for banishing bad hair days and for parties and special occasions- our wigs are easy to care for and pre-styled to hold their shape all day long, leaving you with hair that’ll look freshly styled and coloured, wear after wear

Unleash your inner 1920’s flapper with one of our favourites.

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Unleash your inner 1920’s flapper with one of our favourite bob wig's inspired by The Great Gatsby
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