The ”East cars” brought by the refugees when they came across the border from Russia to Finnish Lapland are causing interest around the world. On the 15th and 16th of July the Finnish Customs, in co-operation of Salla municipality, will run an auction for the cars left behind by refugees crossing the Salla border. On both days there is an preliminary audit where the buyers can see the cars between 9:30-11:00am. About 25 cars are on the area where the auction takes place and the rest 103 cars are in Salla commercial waste station, 7km away form the Salla village. Auction opens on both days, Friday and Saturday, at 12:00 noon.

The story began when the refugee movement started to increase in the end of 2015. In early 2016, crossing the border with bicycle was no longer possible and the temperature outside dropped far below zero. Among the abandoned ”East cars”, there are many treasures for car enthusiasts. Ladas, Volgas and even one rare Moskvitš are waiting for their new owners in Salla; in the middle of nowhere. This auction is a unique international media event that will remain in history.

- "At the moment, interest towards the event has been expressed in addition to the domestic media by German, Swedish and Russian TV production groups. The event is being filmed as a part of a documentary movie", says Mr Erkki Parkkinen, Mayor of Salla. "This is a once in a lifetime event," he continues.

In the summer Salla is under the midnight sun and 24 hours of daylight gives us an opportunity to forget the time of the day. On the evening of Friday the 15th there is a joyful event; Salla in the Middle of the Night, where the shops and markets are open until midnight and the village is full of hilarious competitions, lottery, sales, hot and cold, sweet and salty snacks, live music, and dancing in a tent. Lots of things to do and see for the whole family. This all happens on the village centre, just a few steps away from the auction area.

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