Camp Friends 4ever Opens its Doors in Williamsburg, VA

Long-time camp and youth program director Ira Green and renowned weight-loss advocate Stacey Halprin have teamed up once again to fight childhood obesity and organize an all-girls weight loss camp. Camp Friends 4ever is now accepting applications for girls looking to lead a rewarding and productive summer at a weight-loss camp held at the prestigious College of William & Mary in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. The camp starts on June 23, 2013.

Camp Friends 4ever is the only weight loss camp that allows campers themselves to choose most of their own activities. Campers will experience a tremendous support system that stems from the knowledge, experience and inspiration both Green and Halprin bring. Their combined weight at one point was more than 1000 pounds, and together Green and Halprin have lost over 550 pounds. More importantly, this real-life couple has kept it off!

For more than a decade, Green, the Camp’s Director, has helped hundreds of overweight youth at his weight loss camps. His ability to relate emotionally and physically with obese children and teens proves to be key to the campers’ success. Halprin has been an excellent role model for youth at previous camps by teaching and reinforcing positive self-esteem. At Camp Friends 4ever, she will run several workshops on makeovers, dramatic acting and improvisation.

Green’s goal is to provide a rewarding camp experience where young ladies age 11-18 are comfortable in their surroundings, have fun, and return home with powerful lessons to ensure a healthy future. “I strongly believes that no youth should have to endure the heartaches, persecution and loneliness that Stacey and I have both experienced," explains Green.

Under Green’s direction at previous camps, campers realized an average body weight loss of 10-14 percent in only six weeks.

"Campers will go home with the tools necessary to ensure long-term lifestyle changes," says Halprin. "We will instill in the hearts of these girls self-esteem and confidence. We will teach them proven methods to lose weight and give them the will to keep it off for good."

To continue the good work the campers from this summer and past years have accomplished, Green and Halprin will soon be introducing an online community where campers can share learnings, conversations and experiences.

Camp Friends 4ever, “where winners lose," accepts the challenge to be a leader of healthy living and to provide the safest, most secure and most supportive weight loss camp for girls.   

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