HTC launches DURATIQ™ – a brand new generation of floor grinders.

More than 100 new features, 54% more efficient.

The Swedish company HTC, which years ago developed the method of grinding floors using diamond abrasive technology, is now launching a totally newly-developed floor grinder: DURATIQ™. The machine is available in two grinding widths, 600 and 800 millimetres.

Both of the versions are completely new designs and are based on many years of intensive studies of the future needs of customers.

Some of the 100 new features incorporated into DURATIQ™ are:

• Newly-designed digital control panel and remote control that offer
even new operators full control and easy handling

• New grinding head, hermetically sealed and dustproof for maximum reliability

• Compact, robust chassis design for optimal manoeuvrability, handling and simple transport

• Enhanced AirFlow™ technology and Mist Cooler System that increase productivity
by up to 216% and dust collection by 100%

• Simple-to-adjust weights, 20 different handle settings and 74% less vibration
ensure significantly improved ergonomics.

Since DURATIQ™ has been designed from scratch by HTC's own R&D department, no detail has been left to chance. The numerous smart features include GPS tracking, USB ports to download operating data, upload new software and charge personal equipment.

Stefan Lind, CEO of HTC, emphasises that this is the most pioneering launch in the history of the company:

- HTC developed the method for grinding concrete floors using diamond abrasive technology 29 years ago. The step that we are now taking with the launch of DURATIQ™ is almost as huge in the development of our business and the industry. DURATIQ™ sets a completely new standard for productivity, reliability, operability and flexibility. I'm convinced that the industry will talk about the time before and after DURATIQ™ in the same way that we sometimes talk about leading-edge innovations in technologies, such as mobile telephony.

- As a company, HTC's fundamental motivating force is to always be at the forefront of development. Once again, DURATIQ™ is proof of HTC's innovativeness for the whole industry, Stefan Lind says in conclusion.

The DURATIQ™ grinding machines have been tested for more than 5,000 hours before the launch. Because of the precise, yet extremely robust design, of every single detail, the service interval is an impressive 1,000 hours. Thanks to a new modular structure and meticulous design detail, it is easier than ever to replace high-wear parts. For instance, it only takes about 40 minutes to replace a belt.

Something else that is new for the industry is the option of configuring your DURATIQ™ entirely to your own needs or upgrading your machine afterwards. The customer chooses the size (600 or 800 mm grinding width), electric power version, the number of grinding discs and whether to have the machine fitted with remote control. There are then a number of optional packages: water, light and GPS. Finally, the customer has the option of customising the machine with additional weights, cupholders and other accessories.

DURATIQ™ will be launched worldwide on September 7,  2016.

You can find out more about DURATIQ™ at


Cathérine Königk , Head of Marketing
Tel: +46 (0)121-294 60

About HTC Sweden AB
HTC Sweden AB is a rapidly expanding technology company that was started in 1987. It manufactures and develops products for processing various types of surfaces. A patented grinding system for floors was launched in 1992 and HTC is currently an international market leader within floor grinding systems based on diamond technology and patented technical solutions. HTC has also developed unique floor solutions and has created, among other things, polished concrete under the brand name HTC Superfloor™ as well as the unique diamond-based cleaning and maintenance system Twister™. The company's head office, product development and production units are located in Söderköping. It has subsidiaries in the USA, Germany, the UK and France. Since June 2013, HTC Sweden has been owned by Danish-Swedish Polaris Equity, based in Copenhagen. Polaris Private Equity is a risk capital company that focuses on buy-out investments in well-established small and medium sized companies in Denmark and Sweden. The focus is on investments in companies with good potential for development and SEK 250-2,000 million in turnover. Polaris has invested in 28 businesses to date, 14 of which have been sold at a good profit. It has also made more than 50 follow-on investments for its portfolio companies.

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HTC Sweden is a fast growing company that was founded in 1987. In 1992 HTC Sweden launched a patent pending system used to grind various surfaces. Today HTC is the market leader within diamond-based floor grinding and cleaning. HTC has developed unique floor solutions such as polished concrete, e.g HTC Superfloor™ and in 2005 another revolution was released the unique diamond cleaning system Twister™. The head office along with production and product development is located in Söderköping, Sweden. Subsidiaries operate in USA, Germany, England and France. Since June 2013 HTC is owned by Polaris private equity, a Danish/Swedish private equity investor focusing on buy-out investments in small and mid-cap operations in Denmark and Sweden. The focus is set upon companies with an obvious development potential and a turnover span of SEK 250 - 2 000 million. Polaris has made 28 investments - 14 of them successfully divested. More than 50 successful additional investments have been made within the portfolio companies.



DURATIQ™ sets a completely new standard for productivity, reliability, operability and flexibility.
Stefan Lind, CEO HTC Group