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HowToGetTheManOfYourDreams.com The #1 online source for relationship advice. Looking for the Man of Your Dreams? If you just can’t seem to find Mr. Right, you’re not alone. Despite all of the bars, nightclubs and online dating sites around the world, millions of women still don’t understand men, and are finding it harder than ever to locate and enjoy a lasting relationship with the men of their dreams. On top of that, it’s projected that 50% of all marriages in America will end in divorce, while rates for marriage have been decreasing every year. That’s why so many women rely on How to Get the Man of Your Dreams.com, the #1 online source for relationship advice. Our Relationship Coaches will guide you inside the minds of men, help you navigate dating and relationships from the male perspective, and share ALL of the confidential, straightforward advice you’ll need to attract and understand men in ways you never thought possible! Our Mission Our mission is to empower women with knowledge, build their confidence, and help women to accomplish their ultimate goal of love and a loving relationship.