I-Tech expands static panel testing capacity to support increasing demand for Selektope

In early November 2017, I-Tech expanded panel testing capacity for the static testing of Selektope-containing paints on the Swedish west coast.

I-Tech’s Swedish panel testing facility is located at the Tjärnö Laboratory by the Kosterfjord. 75 additional test panels were installed to support growing demand for the static testing of Selektope-containing paints for the international marine market. ITech also operates a barnacle farm at the Tjärnö Laboratory.

About 6 000 marine species are found in the Koster area, of which more than 200 are not existing elsewhere in Swedish waters.Kosterhavet Marine National Park, the first national park in Sweden with a marine focus, was inaugurated in 2009. One of the objects is to promote research and education regarding conservation and sustainable use of marine ecosystems.