i3 launches new triple-play solution for broadband operators - On show at CeBIT 2003

i3 launches new triple-play solution for broadband operators - On show at CeBIT 2003 i3 launches a new open architecture triple-play solution for broadband operators. The i3 solution enables several new revenue generating services. i3 micro technology (www.i3micro.com), the Swedish datacom company that develops and markets products for IP-TV, video streaming and VoIP, announced today the launch of a new open architecture triple-play solution for broadband operators . "With triple-play, we mean the convergence of the Internet, telephony and TV over the same IP based broadband network. Adding telephony and TV to the broadband offering not only creates new converged services, but also new revenue streams that are not possible over traditional infrastructures", says Chris Chalkitis, VP of Product Management. The three key elements from i3 are the Mood Box, the Vood Residential Gateway 142/242 (Cat-5/fiber) and the i3 Centre management server. Broadband service operators have the added option of using i3's Mood Movie server for VoD content. For live TV, i3 offers its Mood Live server. i3's award-winning Mood Box has proven interoperability providing a cost-effective, attractive consumer set-top box. Rounding out the triple-play, i3 VoIP products are interoperable with standards based third-party gatekeepers, proxies, soft switches and PSTN gateways using H.323, SIP or MGCP. Triple-play targets the convergence between telephony, media and Internet over broadband and offers the end-user different terminal options, where the Vood Residential Gateways (VRGs) enable the use of existing analog phones and the Mood Box enables the use of the existing analog TV. Some examples of i3 enabled triple-play services include: · VoIP calls to another VoIP-user or to the PSTN, using your existing analog phone. · Dial a number using the analog phone key pad or click-to-dial from your PC or TV. · Access the Internet from your PC or TV. · Read your e-mails from your PC or TV. · Listen to your voice mails from any Internet connected PC or your TV ( i3's Unified Voice Mail value-added feature). · Receive Caller ID on your analog phone/Caller ID device or as a pop-up on your TV. · Manage the supplementary services from your PC or TV using a web interface to the VRG. · Real-time communication, like instant messaging/chat, video calls and on-line gaming on the TV or PC. These and many more revenue generating services can be deployed by using the i3 triple play solution with partners today. "The i3 triple-play solution will offer broadband operators clear competitive advantages over competing communication technologies. With our unique mix of competencies and products for streaming media, VoIP and IP networking, i3 is the leading company providing triple-play solutions for Ethernet broadband networks. Currently i3 is in discussions with several operators and systems integrators in Europe, North America and Asia, that want to launch these type of services", says Hans Holmberg, President. For more information: Jonas Dahllöf, Marketing Director, i3 micro technology, +46-8-506 388 00, jonas.dahllof@i3micro.com About i3 micro technology: i3 micro technology is a Swedish company established in 1997. With headquarters in Kista, Sweden, i3 develops and markets products and turnkey solutions for the distribution and reception of digital TV, video and telephony over IP networks. i3 has Servisen Private Equity Fund I & II and Investment AB Spiltan among its investors. For more information about i3, please visit: http://www.i3micro.com/ ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker http://www.waymaker.net The following files are available for download: http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2003/03/12/20030312BIT00040/wkr0001.doc http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2003/03/12/20030312BIT00040/wkr0002.pdf