Exhibition of Sculptor Sergey Bondarenko Opens in Minsk

At the end of June 2014, a sculpture monument to Prince Olgerd (Algirdas) was opened in Vitebsk, Belarus. The monument of the legendary equestrian was created by a Belarusian sculptor Sergey Bondarenko.

On August 7, 2014, an exhibition of Mr. Bondarenko, a Belarusian sculptor, will open at the Museum of Modern Fine Art in Minsk, Belarus. The exhibition is entitled “A horse and its knight”.

The central part of the exhibition in Minsk is a virtual presentation and a model of the monument installed in Vitebsk.The retrospective show of Bondarenko, a recognized and well–known master of the hippology genre, is relevant today. The guests of the exhibition will be able to evaluate his chamber, genre, decorative, and monumental works that were created in different periods of time. Two main themes of the exhibition are:

  • A horse as a beauty and a perfect creation of nature
  • An image of the winning equestrian.

In addition, an interactive program, including meetings, lectures, and discussions will be held during the show.One of the lightening–rod issues for a discussion isWhich heroes are relevant for Belarus today? Traditionally, monumental sculpture presents the answers to such questions in a visual form.

This time, Olgerd is followed by other riders created by Mr. Bondarenko, displaying the knights and their horses, the heroes of different eras and areas of human activity. Along with the other cycles, including animalistic works, portraits, and themed compositions, the show turns into a journey. The Museum of Modern Fine Art invites its visitors to dip into the world of sculpture and one of its masters. The exhibition will be open until August 23, 2014.


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