IBA CZ Unveils New Website

IBA CZ, a development center of IBA Group in the Czech Republic, unveils a new version of its website www.ibacz.eu

In the New Year 2015, IBA CZ comes out with its completely new, modern, simple, and user–friendly website. The previous version of the website was created two years ago and has experienced design modifications and content changes. However, IBA CZ decided to redesign the website and thus to simplify the company's web presentation and to adapt the website to the current trends, including the support of mobile devices and flat design.

Web IBA CZ is now fully responsive, that is the content always fits the resolution and screen size of the device where the page is displayed. The administration of web pages is much easier, as there is only one template version instead of different templates for desktop and mobile devices. It adapts content, design, and operation depending on whether the website is viewed from a mobile phone, tablet or desktop. This is achieved through the use of modern technologies that are offered state–of–the–art web browsers.

The aim of redesign was to improve the website's clarity without using multiple subpages, with simplified and modernized graphics and in line with the latest design trends. At the same time, the connection is not overloaded by the transfer of large amounts of data and the control is easier. Thus, IBA CZ targets primarily mobile users.

Aleš Hojka, CEO of IBA CZ, comments: “First of all, we focused on the convenience of users. The analysis of the existing pages showed that mobile users often come to the IBA CZ website to find the company's address or telephone number. Therefore the users who access our newly designed website from their mobile devices can quickly call us or navigate to one of our branch offices right from the homepage, as well as have a quick look at the IBA CZ products and solutions. On the other hand, the desktop users are offered the pages that describe our solutions and provide more information about the company”.

The new IBA CZ website was created within the activities of the INIBA innovation department, which is focused on finding and testing new technologies that can help us keep up with IT trends. The new site www.ibacz.eu can serve as an example of a modern corporate web site that IBA CZ is able to create, including using the content management system. The solution is based on JavaScript technology.


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IBA Group provides software development, migration, maintenance, support, and IT consulting services with 3,000 IT and business professionals. Its focus areas are mainframe systems, enterprise applications, web solutions, SAP, BI, and mobile applications. Headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, IBA Group has offices and development centers in 11 countries. IBA Group serves clients in more than 40 countries across diverse industries, including banking, railway, telecommunication, and manufacturing.



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