IBA Group Opens Office in Ostrava, Czech Republic

On June 1, IBA CZ, a member of IBA Group, announced the opening of its new development center in Ostrava, Czech Republic. Currently, more than a hundred of IBA CZ employees work in the IBA Group’s centers of excellence located in Prague and Brno.

In 1999, IBA Group founded IBA CZ in Prague and extended it to Brno in 2005. The same year, the company relocated its headquarters to Prague. Afterwards, IBA Group expanded its offices in Brno and in Prague to meet customer demands for onshore and near–shore software development services.

Ostrava is the third largest city of the Czech Republic and the next location that IBA CZ has chosen for its growth. The expansion is driven by an increasing demand for IT services in Central Europe, while Ostrava is considered to be a very promising region from the IT perspective. 

Aleš Hojka, General Director of IBA CZ, says: "North Moravia and Silesia are very important for us not only in terms of existing and potential deals, but also it terms of resources. This region produces high-quality graduates from technical universities and sophisticated senior experts who don’t feel like moving to other places. Additionally, we would like to begin looking around on the Polish market. If we define that there is a potential for us, we would start building long-term relationships with local customers and partners and further strengthen good reputation that IBA Group has in the countries of operation.” 

The new development center of IBA CZ is located in CTPark Ostrava, a modern building, which is situated only 10km from the Ostrava city center with direct access to the highway that leads to Brno and to Poland. It is a densely populated area with a highly educated workforce. The Ostrava development center will maintain its focus on software development using portal technologies, mobile applications, and document management. Regarding technology, the focus will be on Java, .NET and HTML5.


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